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(Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), also known as chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD), '''chronic obst...
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Common COPD treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 1,592 Spiriva 1,500 Advair 1,421
83,352 conversations around the web about COPD to help you make a decision
83,352 conversations around the web about COPD to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating COPD

COPD & Staph Infection

0.07% of the posts that mention Staph Infection also mention COPD (28 posts)
Staph Infection
We found 28 discussions
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" ...resistant? Sometimes I have a staph infection and usually azithromycin takes ...not cleared up. I have COPD which includes cronic broncitis. Right now I am taking Biaxin but if this infection... "

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" copd amd mrsa hi, my distant relative was told to have copd ...and was admitted 4 months ago due to trouble ...air. my friend told me that it was a staph infection ...but isnt staph affects the... "

" ...can't breath etc.. I had a staph infection and felt pretty good after normal. I have copd advanced stages, but this for pneumonia then the staph infection. All the doctors... "

" or anything. My mom had COPD, she caught a staph infection in the hospital and because of her high fever they intubated her and I was thinking this was a really bad idea. She was oxygen... "

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" ...on the surgery! A week off smokes should help a lot. Tell Sharon from me, Teri, that I still had quite a cough too pre-op (100 days smoke-free) but even a week off cigarettes helped when I first qu... "

" I received a diagnosis of staph infection on the day that I was to have surgery, and the Dr. cancelled ...friend just told me today she read on her records that she had COPD, yet the Dr. failed to ... "

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" ...phototherapy, lazer, amevive, methotrexate and on and on and on. I clear up then flare up. Get staph infection, antibiotic clear up then ...recommended for patients with COPD or are over the... "

" ...month after having a major staph infection. He's also a ...two sons both have to live with all this smoke inside of their ...aunt, who is having pretty major complications due to COPD, who sm... "

" turn caused a staph infection in my lungs. From ...well as I am. I am being treated with COPD medication and asthma medication. Not to mention that I am a type 1 diabetic. As grateful as I... "

" My father has end stage COPD as well. He is 81 and smoked about 4 packs a day for many years the last 3 years when he got a staph. infection that sent him to the hospital for several days... "

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