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(Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), also known as chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD), '''chronic obst...
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Common COPD treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 1,597 Spiriva 1,510 Advair 1,422
83,537 conversations around the web about COPD to help you make a decision
83,537 conversations around the web about COPD to help you make a decision
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COPD & Oregano

We found 8 discussions
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" ...When we start to get colds we use oils. My father in law has COPD we use oils and it helps emmensely (oregano and RC/Young Living Blend). I have used them for emotional healing/release stuff on... "

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" on Spiriva, Advair, and 2.5 oxygen ONLY during the night. Of course, initially I was scared; however, like many others say \"I have COPD, COPD doesn't have me\". ...suggested oil or oregano ... "

" ...try smoking them but based upon my University experience, oregano will really flame yer lungs and NOT give you ...tea is certainly good medicine for COPD. Don't forget the dab of... "

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" Quote: COPD is another health problem caused by fungus. I hope ...of the side effects of Formoterol. The oil of oregano is a good idea, but unless you are taking... "

" ...Probably, besides the cough, COPD, your struggle to gain ...take the oil of oregano or other \"natural\" remedies ...shown inhaled glutathione can actually reverse COPD. Because it forms sul... "

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" ...factors that contributed to COPD? Most people that have COPD used to be (or currently still are) smokers. Oil of oregano can help to lessen ...grade, Oil of Oregano. This little bottle... "

" Glenna, my father had end-stage COPD for the last decade of life (he lived at least 10 years longer than he probably should have because he ...back so it doesn't flower), oregano, mint - these will... "

" ...years despite having asthma and COPD (brochiectasis). When I feel ...those looking to use Oil of Oregano for it's antimicrobial properties, I specify that Oil of Oregano is NOT Oregano ... "

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