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(Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), also known as chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD), '''chronic obst...
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Common COPD treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 1,621 Spiriva 1,528 Advair 1,439
84,418 conversations around the web about COPD to help you make a decision
84,418 conversations around the web about COPD to help you make a decision
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COPD & Epilepsy

0.17% of the posts that mention COPD also mention Epilepsy (142 posts)
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We found 142 discussions
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" I realized that I forgot to metnion other health issues... I have .. -- allergies/asthma/COPD/Emphasema & very controlled epilepsy. Yes, I quit smoking in 1999 when I went to the hospital and... "

" ...started with memantine 3 years on rivastigmine now but only on 3 mg morning and 3 mg evening as a higher dose is making him sick! As he also suffers from controlled epilepsy and COPD is ha... "

" ...14 pills a day plus 3 inhalers . Rivastigmine for his dementia, 3 other medication for his epilepsy, inhalers for his COPD and the usual stroke prevention like clopedogrel, statins and... "

" ...nurses to help us,regarding her COPD. Their first visit will be ...provided us with a lot of help through my mother's epilepsy and now with my grandmother's COPD and... "

" ...Lyrica, as it might have the double whammy of helping to manage my RLS AND my fibro pain. I'd love it to work, so I can get off Mirapex. It seems to be working. However, I've seemed to turn my prob... "

" ...both strokes albeit left with a weak left leg, COPD under control as well as his Epilepsy! Findings of mild vascular dementia mixed with his Alzheimers but so far so good I am so... "

" ...i am mark 52yrs recently been diagnosed with copd mild at the moment although i did have a infection a while ago and ...getting worse again ialso have epilepsy hiv osteopathy and other associate... "

Post from
" place back in January, she went home and took noting for her COPD epilepsy ect... But she doesn't have diabetes too... Gee, Ralph, I am concerned now,,,,... "

Post from
" surgery, my COPD, my epilepsy, and my depression. ...court costs ($57.50). I left there happy as a pig in shit.At least in my case, the Maryland medical marijuana law worked. It ... "

" ...thank you he was on memantine but stopped working so takes rivastigmine now. He's got COPD and Epilepsy too so can't tak... "

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