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(Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)
B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL), also known as chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL), is the most common type of leu...
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Rituxan 312 Fludarabine 219 Prednisone 124
14,641 conversations around the web about CLL to help you make a decision
14,641 conversations around the web about CLL to help you make a decision
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CLL & Cough

0.4% of the posts that mention CLL also mention Cough (59 posts)
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" CLL, Low IgG with chronic severe ...Dad is 79 and has had CLL for 15 years and has been receiving treatment which has increased in frequency over the years. He has had a chronic cough where he get... "

" ...Leukaemia and Coughing - please help My grandfather has had Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia for a couple of years now and he has a terrible cough that he has allergic reaction to the Co-trimox... "

" ...cough (not too bad), he has been very off form this evening so i took his temp and it was 38.3 degrees, then 10min later it was 39.2 and just now (another 10min) 39.3 ..... he is here in his walke... "

" ...started shaking with fever and chills. He did not hardly sleep as we were up changing sheets and pillows and he was coughing a lot. He is going in to the doctor first thing this morning. I am worri... "

" ...My Aunt was diagnosed with CLL last month. No mention ...infections, plurasy, breathlessness, has a constant cold/cough, mouth ulcers, blood clots etc etc. She really is unwell. But nobody ha... "

" ...for a while but my CLL is back bigtime with AIHA. ...was hospitalised with Septacaemia. I have the option of Campath again (which I took as my 3rd treatment) but I got 'Kennel Cough' and stoppe... "

" ...chemo for CLL. Voiced concerns about the cough. Supposedly not ...nagging, lingering cough was SE from Arimidex, but I'd like to hear from any BC survivor if they have had the same experience wh... "

" ...sixties and has Chronic lymphatic leukemia which is currently in \"remission\". He has been coughing badly for ...heart problem. What is the best way to treat this weird \"bug\"??? Plea... "

Post from
" ...the flights last night ?1,600 non-refundable. This morning got a phone cll from the docs regarding an x-ray taaken this week chest ( have had coughing fits for the last two... "

" of his players *cough* Makelele *cough* now (Original post by Cll_ws) I'd have to... "

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