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(Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)
B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL), also known as chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL), is the most common type of leu...
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Rituxan 314 Fludarabine 222 Prednisone 129
14,750 conversations around the web about CLL to help you make a decision
14,750 conversations around the web about CLL to help you make a decision
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CLL & Common Cold

0.43% of the posts that mention CLL also mention Common Cold (64 posts)
Common Cold
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Common Cold
We found 64 discussions
" My husband has Cll/lymphoma for 3 years. He went thru chemo first year and has been doing ok, He had a cold for about a week and... "

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" Ana- My dad has CLL as well, he hasn't had to have any drug ...immune system seems to be really weak, he has had a cold or the flu or a virus for about four... "

" CLL & Treatment I was diagnosed over 3 years ago with CLL. The usual \"Watch & See\" with Blood Work monitored ...cannot get rid of these Bad Colds, and tired all the time.... "

" ...year old female expecting my diagnosis of CLL on Friday. ...I am running fever, have a cold, have weird discomfort in ...the past few years. I am terrified. Do not know what... "

" ...I was first diagnosed with CLL in 1999, it was as ...marrow biopsy. She seems to suffer a really bad cold a couple of times elder sister (by ten years) was diagnosed with CLL, which got... "

" ...who has just had a probable diagnosis of CLL. Still waiting for ...the past fe years I have been very susceptible to summer colds, which have been increasingly do get leukemia, throug... "

" ...CLL. My job is VERY stressful but the main thing that worries me is that, being a teacher, on returning to work, I will be exposed to the germs of around 100 or so pupils in my classroom over a... "

" ...symptoms what so ever, no tiredness apart from the normal for a 51 year old man. I can walk the dog not be out of breath and was examined on the table with no spleen, liver or as far as possible t... "

" ...Is this normal? He also says he seldom has to shave and gets sick a lot (colds n stuff). He has chronic lymphocytic leukemia that has responded well to the chemo. So what... "

" ...a time. He was suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia and underwent a treatment that reduced his white cell count (as those were the cancerous cells) and then caught a cold...Bad deal to catc... "

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