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(Post viral fatigue syndrome)
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the most common name used to designate a significantly debilitating medical disorder or group...
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Common CFS treatments discussed around the web
Valcyte 1,829 Lyrica 969 Cymbalta 856
263,586 conversations around the web about CFS to help you make a decision
263,586 conversations around the web about CFS to help you make a decision
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CFS & Withdrawal

0.4% of the posts that mention CFS also mention Withdrawal (1,051 posts)
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We found 1,051 discussions
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" ...have CFS, but am taking Lyrica for Peripheral Neuropathy. I hate the druggy, dopey feeling, but it does help with the pain. I tried stopping it last week, and went through terrible withdrawal:... "

" half. No problems at all. My CFS doc, Dr. Jose Montoya, actually recommended I start this way. He is a professor of infectious disease at Stanford. I stopped my Valcyte after 1 1/2 years... "

" ...have resorted to treating CFS/ME with very addictive benzos, opiates, and anti-depressants that results in severe even life-threatening physical withdrawals when... "

" ...really do. I am allergic to A/D's ...and thanks to clonazepam I am now allergic to almost all meds and supplements. I suffered through 18 years of severe CFS, just to get to benzo withdrawal! If... "

" ...have been tapering off clonazepam for five months. I'm having severe withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental. I ...matters I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have suffered from... "

" ...she may have denied that gabapentin withdrawal exists, or something along those lines. I'm having a bad day today which is slightly reminiscent of the hell I went through withdrawing from... "

" ...Fatigue Syndrome (which I really did have). But I am fairly certain now that the CFS went away years ago, and the symtoms I continued to have were from Klonopin. Been off K for four months n... "

" ...quit Lunesta & tramadol cold turkey. This is what lead the doctors to dx virus related CFS when I had not recovered months later. I am so looking forward to having withdrawals out of the equation... "

" ...more so I'm hoping you're okay. I also have severe ME/CFS (and fibromyalgia) and have just had a failed attempt at Valium withdrawal that was made so much more complicated by our... "

" ...and Ambien every night, The Klonopin doesn't work for sleep anymore but, I'm addicted to it and if I don't take the full amount, I have very bad withdrawal long as I have a severe cfs... "

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