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(Post viral fatigue syndrome)
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the most common name used to designate a significantly debilitating medical disorder or group...
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Common CFS treatments discussed around the web
Valcyte 1,835 Lyrica 978 Provigil 866
266,986 conversations around the web about CFS to help you make a decision
266,986 conversations around the web about CFS to help you make a decision
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CFS & Sepsis

0.21% of the posts that mention Sepsis also mention CFS (61 posts)
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" ...the link in the Latest ME/CFS & HGRV News and Research front page. Oh, Anushka, I am so sorry. Sepsis is horrible; I hope you're recovering all right. Thank... "

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" ...conditions other than just CFS. Herxing was first noted in treatment of syphilis during the early's similar to sepsis when people get sick with an ...the hospital. It's not infection it... "

" ...and treatment? I have been reading literature linking Fibro to dental disease ...a massive low grade systemic infection that is undetectable except that if antibiotics alleviate CFS, th... "

"'s OK if he says CFS is a mental disorder (excuse ...people with mental disorders in the CFS cohort (unless the have ...people with an organic illness like sepsis in my drug studies, I... "

" has to be wrong.'\" Alternatively a sepsis expert's reaction: \"When I ...propose experiments using the mouse model.\" ME/CFS implications: Open Medicine Institute's... "

" ...with pneumonia and sepsis a year ago, stomach could not tolerate any other fever-reducer; they considered it ...lot of people with ME/CFS and potentially MCS use, such as Benadryl and ... "

" ...that under anaerobic conditions, glucose goes to lactic acid as opposed to creating ...high it is indicative of sepsis, so I wouldn't expect to those of us with ME/CFS...but maybe in th... "

" ...Shukla indicated that the microbiome of CFS patients responds differently to ...they do) but ro endotoxemia/sepsis due to LPS being ...low grade systemic inflammation in ME/CFS which could ju... "

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" ...of mycotoxins, superficial and systemic infection of human tissues, and ...toxic pneumonitis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, tremors, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney failure, and cancer.... "

" commonly occur in ME/CFS. Instead there is only ...(e.g. from influenza to bacteria sepsis) they are mild in ME/CFS; although could be higher in mildly elevated in ME/CFS as reported... "

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