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(Post viral fatigue syndrome)
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the most common name used to designate a significantly debilitating medical disorder or group...
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Valcyte 1,826 Lyrica 968 Cymbalta 855
263,206 conversations around the web about CFS to help you make a decision
263,206 conversations around the web about CFS to help you make a decision
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CFS & Phlegm

We found 61 discussions
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" ...I've had some difficulties taking zinc over the past few ...taking, which seems to be caused by too much phlegm. Maybe those hard-candy like zinc supplements aren't the best ...zinc is someho... "

" ...with flouride at least for me. I always get phlegm in my throat after brushing my teeth or using ...never got that before I was sick. I get it with long did you have CFS? Thanks for ... "

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" ...had a terrible time with phlegm in my throat. I was ...had never had this until I developed FM & CFS. After trying every OTC med and going to my ...go to an allergist. I was allergy tested an... "

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" ...he now has a terrible cough and green phlegm and sleeps ALL THE TIME. he says he has brain fog and just terrible fatigue, he also has a minor sore throat. if he ...does this sound consistent w... "

" though I am starting an infection,( this usually begins with a phlegm producing cough) this ...mins normally, I cannot swear that the body aches are attributed ...existing condition (m.e/c... "

" ...have had lumpy jelly like phlegm for a couple of years. ...littlesissy, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia too and I wonder ...worm that they found in chronic fatigue syndrom... "

" not just good old CFS. I am going to go ...I can't breathe right due to the pain and phlegm. It's getting worse. I am scared. I just had ...therapist told me she had pneumonia in Janua... "

Post from
" I feel totally suicidal with my symptoms and with gastritis, the chronic phlegm is making me so ill ...have an immune disorder and cfs apparently with fybriomyalgia, but this... "

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" ...cotton mouth, and the yucky phlegm in my throat. I get ...things. I looked up that medicine it clears the phlegm. I bougt cough medicine to read what it had ... SEND POST TO: fibromyalg... "

" ...same time and all the phlegm (sorry TMI) is making my ...I also have a pre-existing medical condition similar to chronic fatigue syndrome which explains why my body is finding things a... "

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