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Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. It is about three times more ...
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Common Migraines treatments discussed around the web
Topamax 24,652 Tylenol 20,145 Imitrex 17,124
816,902 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
816,902 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
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Bypass Surgery & Migraines

We found 38 discussions
" in a lot of pain but is doing well and the baby is dad goes in for bypass surgery when I got the call ...I'm so tired and the migranes have been bad today. My... "

" ...6 months now i had bypass surgery 3 yrs ago. lost 90 ...6 months ago, i got a refuses to go away, ...tension headaches...with anti depressants and migraine meds. also having de... "

" and hospital bills, or bypass surgery. •I could never carry around ...a game due to a migraine headache. •I could never miss out... "

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" , I get my migrains. You don't want to mess ...decaffeinated too. Well, after my gastro-bypass surgery, I get sick within a few minutes ...either. See now that I am skinny, I can't keep... "

" I had single bypass surgery on 6-20-11 at the age ...always considered them to be migraines. I had the PFO closed least one TIA or Migraine per week since the closure.... "

" ...members of the zipper club now. Turns out he had bypass surgery after a third stent wouldn't go in. This, 9 ...I asked him about the occular migraines but he couldn't come up... "

" ...with Pudge, could be those migraines that you suffer from - on this thread are experiencing numbness (both my feet), Shirl, ...blamed my numbness on the stomach bypass surgery I had y... "

" ...from my profile I had bypass surgery almost 10 months ago and ...ever gave myself. I have so much more energy. I am off of ...pressure meds, high cholesterol meds, migraine meds and a few... "

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" ...not sure I'd have the fortitude to handle the bypass surgery rules to live by. Ceejay - saw a blurb ...upon a time you'd get ferocious migraines. Has that eased up for... "

" 5 years ago) had emergency bypass surgery. We barely got the call took a 3 day long migraine that had me laid up me THAT didn't help the migraine one bit!). I know what... "

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