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Method of use: Transdermal Patch
Prescribing mode: Rx
Buprenorphine (sold under the trade-names of Subutex, Suboxone (buprenorphine with naloxone) - high-dose tablets used for ...
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Butrans for Withdrawal
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We analyzed what people said about Butrans and compared it to other Pain medications
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Butrans & Withdrawal

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better ?? Or do i just have to deal with this withdrawal...
" ...BUTRANS .. I put the 20 mcgs patch on n it instantly kicked me into WD .. .. Does any1 know when does my euphoric feeling come back n when will i feel better .. I feel like n i have 100 n 50 n 1 ... "

but I did have a similar withdrawal to an anti depressant...
" ...withdrawal to an anti depressant which kicked in after a day or two, I was lucky and only had a dizzy feeling but I know others have worse experiences. It took a week to subside. I also need bac... "

was put on Butrans to help lessen the withdrawals when...
" ...the other hand she is also using MM so that contradicts just how well it does work for her because she is adding something to it. If she was strictly on Butrans & a BT med she may not be be so... "

symptoms I have used butrans patch for about 7 months...
" withdrawal symptoms I have used butrans patch for about 7 months ...recently stopped them and have suffered with irritable bladder and have not slept... "

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Good luck with your withdrawal. It's good to have you...
" ...not to worry about the diazepam!! So..I still have it on prescription. I've recently been prescribed Butrans patches for pain relief and have read that if I take diazepam whilst using the patches i... "

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with withdrawal is irrelevant re. taking Butrans. Butrans...
" ...regarding almost through with withdrawal is irrelevant re. taking Butrans. Butrans is a weekly patch pain killer for chronic pain. If you suffer ...to Norco or Oxycodone. It works for a lot... "

versus cold turkey it stopped roughly 85% of my withdrawal...
" ...are somewhat expensive but one patch lasts for a week. Coming from 15 10mg oxy straight to butrans the withdrawal was much like a minor cold for about 3 days then almost no withdrawal. Its... "

I expect? Some withdrawal from Conzip? while it leaves...
" ...day with Butrans What should I expect? Some withdrawal from Conzip? while it... "

the Butrans patch. No pain relief, most withdrawal symptoms...
" ...is now 50 hours on the Butrans patch. No pain relief, most withdrawal symptoms have subsided, yet I still have the RLS. Got a few ...this time he will listen to me & put me on a Fentynal Patch... "

about to go thru withdrawal advice PLEASE hello everyone...
" ...withdrawal advice PLEASE hello everyone my name is Heather and I suffer from chronic neck pain due to a car accident in 2009. anyway I have been doing everything I can to avoid having surgery again... "

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