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Other names: Buspirone
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Buspirone (trade name Buspar) is an anxiolytic psychoactive drug of the piperazine and azapirone chemical classes, and is primar...
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Buspar for Anxiety
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Buspar and Melatonin

Interaction between Buspar and Melatonin: Interaction not known, but may still exist. Always consult your doctor before taking these medications together. Do not stop taking the medications without a physician's advice.
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used to induce sleep. It is non-habit forming and works...
" ...sleep, have you tried Melatonin? It is a natural hormone used to induce sleep. It is non-habit forming and works pretty well. Valerian root ...maybe make you tired. Buspar will cause personality... "

elatonin headaches suck. and Sunday morning cartoons
" ...again the other day. Stupid buspar kept me off for a while due to nausea but i'm good now. ...morning. Instead of splitting my melatonin in half for 2.5mg I ...5mg last night. Damn melatonin headaches... "

Melatonin works but gives me headaches. I am able to obv...
" ...I felt after I took a Buspar dose. I could not believe ...not do anything for me. Melatonin works but gives me headaches. I am able to ...to respond about herbs that have worked for your insomnia... "

more than suggested since the suggested amount didn't help...
" ...I use to take Melatonin pills. I took more than suggested since the suggested amount didn't help me much but they ...stop working. He prescribed me 10mg Buspar twice a day & they really help mellow me... "

Buspar was pretty useless. It had an initial 'high' feeling...
" I took melatonin every night for sleep while on buspar, and it still did nothing. Buspar was pretty useless. It had an initial... "

really bad day and took some Melatonin to help me sleep....
" \"I have been taking Buspar for about two years for anxiety and panic attacks. I take 10mg three times a day. I never experienced any side effects. I find them not ...a really bad day and took some... "

uster/thumperstorm, I'll take a buspar. What's really weir...
" ...asleep. Dunno why. Sleeping on my left side seems to make it more likely to happen. I've been taking 1 melatonin at night and that helps. If it's a cluster/thumperstorm, I'll take a... "

s, chest pain or things when they start Buspar. Don't know...
" ...asthma inhaler, Synthroid, singular, nasonex, melatonin. No caffeine. Today I took a reduced dose of Buspar. Maybe taking 10mg all ...of people complain about heart palps, chest pain or things when... "

ed Melatonin so I can sleep better. I'm taking Abilify...
" Buspar? I just started buspar for basic anxiety and depression. It's completely ...but it makes me feel angry and loopy, but it's ...go away over time. I added Melatonin so I can sleep better. I'm taking... "

trouble sleeping at night but take melatonin to help for...
" ...conclusion. I decided to try Buspar, as my Mom had been on it off and on and had good results. I was worried about weight gain mostly and this one was touted as not having this effect. After 2... "

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