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Buscopan is taken for: Pain IBS Cramping Spasms Stomach Cramps More


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Butylscopolamine, also known as scopolamine butylbromide, butylhyoscine and hyoscine butylbromide, is a peripherally...
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Buscopan for Pain
8,716 conversations around the web about Buscopan to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Buscopan and compared it to other Pain medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Buscopan & Alverine Citrate

We found 14 discussions
different see gp for medication I found alverine citrate...
" ...different see gp for medication I found alverine citrate the best... "

must admit, I'm taking buscopan and alverine citrate ease...
" ...there are anti spasmodic out there. They do work well sometimes. Might sound a little odd but I find if I can eating before the dreaded morning poo, helps move things along. Difficult though I mus... "

Nearly forgot I also take buscopan and alverine citrate for...
" ...azathioprine ...moment. Got to have defecating proctogram as well which to be honest I'm worried about. My only ray of light is my wife who is helping me, my bowels are a common topic or the gat... "

pregnancy im on alverine citrate and the strong cocodamol...
" on alverine citrate and the strong cocodamol i also am now diet restricted so i now have to take vitamins of all kinds and iron tablets as im severly anemic due to diet restrictions.... "

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Now I take Buscopan (hyocine) a prescription antispasmodic...
" I tried Spasmonal (alverine citrate) also available over the counter, and had some sucess with it. You could try Colpermin (enteric-coated peppermint oil capsules), again I found they worked... "

similar for many years and now take alverine citrate...
" ...any medication relief, i have had ibs syndrome or something similar for many years and now take alverine citrate which is an anti-spasmodic, ...something worth considering is buscopan or dependi... "

is ok i prefer alverine citrate or merbentyl but definatley...
" ...ok i prefer alverine citrate or merbentyl but... "

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citrate,buscopan,imodium,colofac ect. None of the above...
" much. I have been ill with depression and agoraphobia ...medicines like codeine phosphate,Alverine citrate,buscopan,imodium,colofac ect. None of ...dietry change. I have allways been... "

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alverine citrate (Spasmonal) and hyocine (Buscopan)can b...
" ...trying anti-spasmodic meds as well; alverine citrate (Spasmonal) and hyocine (Buscopan)can b got from chemist. For ...pain with d I take diazepam/oxazep... "

Post from
(Alverine citrate) Advertisement Hello, I just wondered...
" ...(Alverine citrate) Advertisement Hello, I just ...such as mebeverine and buscopan) and have found that, has anyone found whether spasmonal/alverine citrate worsens, improves, or has a... "

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