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Bursitis is the inflammation of one or more bursa (anatomy) (small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body. The bursae rest at the points ...
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Common Bursitis treatments discussed around the web
Naproxen 290 Aleve 255 Aspirin 159
33,752 conversations around the web about Bursitis to help you make a decision
33,752 conversations around the web about Bursitis to help you make a decision
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Bursitis & Pain In My Hands

0.18% of the posts that mention Pain In My Hands also mention Bursitis (45 posts)
Pain In My Hands
We found 45 discussions
" ...mos postop started w worsening shoulder, scapula, arm and hand pain & numbness. I always feel like my shoulder is ...(sp) bones and can cause bursitis. I had shoulder surgery for... "

" ...prescribed Diclofenac (I think the generic name for Voltarin?) for pain in my hands and wrists a really feel effects and the pain was intermittent. ...filled for bursitis in my... "

" ...i was first diagnosed w/fibro, have had 7 major c spine surgeries/foot surgeries, bursitis, terrible pain in my hands...and now am sure they are all related to the eds. when i was... "

" ...roll Knees are sore, arms are sore, pecs are sore. I hope I feel better for Maya tomorrow. ...thing again, and the bursitis seems to be acting up some. There's no MAJOR swelling, so I'll just... "

" ...He told me I have bursitis (? spelling) on the sides ...have always had ankle and wrist/hand pain since childhood (was told growing ...would go away (except the ankle/hand pain) and I would f... "

" ...cold (keep in mind, i had no pain in my hands when i went in to ...dont know, they just got less stiff and felt way better! ...feet she said is probably bursitis. She said that the feet... "

" ...very seriously... you don't want painful hands later in life. You don't changes. If it is bursitis there are several things they ...truly some type of bursitis. You'll only inf... "

" ...had physical issues like bursitis in my right shoulder, pain in my right ...and most recently I have been getting a subtle/numbing pain in my right hand/arm/shoulder from my desk activities at... "

" ...had what I thought was bursitis in my shoulders for about ...last month or so. My NP had given me Diclofenac ointment for my pain in my hands and feet (which didn't work btw). I've been using... "

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" ...of my hands ,I found out that the severe pain in my hands was being caused from RA. My rheumatologist placed me heavy cleaning I have bursitis type pain in both of... "

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