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Bursitis is the inflammation of one or more bursa (anatomy) (small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body. The bursae rest at the points ...
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Common Bursitis treatments discussed around the web
Naproxen 292 Aleve 255 Aspirin 159
33,783 conversations around the web about Bursitis to help you make a decision
33,783 conversations around the web about Bursitis to help you make a decision
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Bursitis & Gel

We found 240 discussions
" ...bursitis in my knee went to physio and had hot gel put on itfor Hamilton, the bursitis was gone fo... "

" ...have voltaren gel for bursitis in my hip and shoulder. It does work and I like ...Thats alot of ge... "

" my hips in the fall. I love the voltran gel. I also like the injections. I used the gel instead of... "

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" ...\"bursitis in the foot\" and found some helpful tips. I have bursitis in my right ...into getting foot pads (gel inserts) or ev... "

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" ...the NSAID in a topical gel to apply on skin. I have hip pain (bursitis) and it works better for ...I prefer the Piroxicam gel.... "

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" ...used the gel for bursitis in my knee after up. I have also used it on an inflammed finger... "

" good results with Anica gel. MSM cream helps too! This really helps with the bursitis in the morning and after... "

" Sounds like bursitis try some ibuprofen gel it might help with the inflammation. I have it too and trochanteric bursitis which has calcified, found out last week that... "

" ...bursitis which is painful to lie on. I wear a pelvic brace when really painful which helps with walking. Got current one on internet but originally was given identical one... "

" ...a lot of pain in the back of my heel/Achilles. I have ...doc said it was bursitis but since I have ...advise about the gel pa... "

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