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Bursitis is the inflammation of one or more bursa (anatomy) (small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body. The bursae rest at the points ...
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Common Bursitis treatments discussed around the web
Naproxen 290 Aleve 255 Aspirin 159
33,761 conversations around the web about Bursitis to help you make a decision
33,761 conversations around the web about Bursitis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bursitis

Bursitis & Capsulitis

8.23% of the posts that mention Capsulitis also mention Bursitis (60 posts)
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" So what's her diagnosis? MN bursitis capsulitis Symptoms: Because capsulitis of the second toe is a progressive disorder and usually worsens if left untreated, early recognition and... "

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" ...get for him to make it better!! Thanks Darcy Darcy: I almost forgot. Bursitis is also called capsulitis. Your husband's doctor may use that term, but it means the same... "

" Hi Gadis, 2nd MPJ is far more common and it may be synovitis/capsulitis instead of bursitis. Long 2nd toe/metatarsal is a common predisposer. Ask your pod to add a met dome to your... "

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" ...nerve . Its classic symptoms are: burning, shooting pain normally on ...fitting footwear. Differential diagnoses include: bursitis , capsulitis or associated nerve intrapments. I... "

" shorthand for rotator cuff tendinitis, capsulitis, and bursitis. Forgive me for speaking for... "

" ...hunch it was more than the usual pain flare. It's arthritic now, on top of the tendonitis, bursitis, and capsulitis (I think they made that one up for me :p). I'm back at physical therapy, and it's... "

" DM, Cryo ablation can be quite effective for bursitis, less so for capsulitis. It is also good for scar tissue and excellent for stump or recurrent neuromas. For those reasons, it is good for... "

" ...pain in your shoulder can be caused by so many things like tendinitis, bursitis, capsulitis and other dreaded \"itis\". Effective treatment begins with a correct diagnosis, unfortunately i... "

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" ...since it can't be abducted further. Does she have a frozen shoulder? A capsulitis? Bursitis? How to treat this patient effectively? Thanks all! Similar... "

" ...again, it's not completely healed. You could possibly have bursitis or capsulitis. It's even possible that you might have a slight ...MCL? Anytime that you have pain after activity, you need... "

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