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Belching (also known as burping, ructus, or eructation) involves the release of gas from the digestive tract (mainl...
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Common Burp treatments discussed around the web
Gripe Water 7,128 Zantac 4,813 Mylicon 2,739
617,829 conversations around the web about Burp to help you make a decision
617,829 conversations around the web about Burp to help you make a decision
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Burp & Upper Back Pain

0.71% of the posts that mention Upper Back Pain also mention Burp (68 posts)
Upper Back Pain
We found 68 discussions
" ...anxiety mostly appears as ...that i need to burp, but just can't. Recently i have started to have upper... "

" ...2 weeks. I have upper back pain chest pains in the ...a lot of burping someone... "

" gas. I got really sharp upper back pain around 24 weeks and be gas. Try Tums or baking soda and gets you burping). Just a though... "

" sleep we'll. I have excessive gas. Feel pressure and feels ...stomach rumbles a lot and Belch. Lost of appetite. And soreness upper center of my stomach and upper back pain. And feeling tired... "

" ...side) Pressure on chest Have trouble burping (have to have someone burp me like a baby) Wake ...when I breath in Upper back pain (left side) Post Nasal get pregnant. Any suggestions on ... "

" ...lots of pouch gurgles and burps coming up. ?Next time no issues. ? Im down around 66lbs now and having upper back pain. ?I guess from the weight shifting or my posture... "

" Anyone get upper back spasms , aka esophagus pain ...but i now i have this upper back pain on upper right side next ...a sensation of needing to burp. I noticed 5 min ago... "

" ...this sound insane but I am very confused right now. He is having trouble swallowing, experiencing left upper back pain, caugh a lot with unusual fast), also he's burps a lot. Our family... "

" ...doing it. I've been having alot of upper back pain and alot of discomfort after eating. I'm also belching alot and after eating I have sharp pain all the way thru... "

" ...when it hurt to burp and it was really ...But right now I have this horrendous upper back pain. Not the kind associated with ...on google and they said upper back pain could be part of heart... "

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