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Belching (also known as burping, ructus, or eructation) involves the release of gas from the digestive tract (mainl...
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Common Burp treatments discussed around the web
Gripe Water 7,124 Zantac 4,804 Mylicon 2,737
616,831 conversations around the web about Burp to help you make a decision
616,831 conversations around the web about Burp to help you make a decision
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Burp & Kidney Stones

0.12% of the posts that mention Kidney Stones also mention Burp (187 posts)
Kidney Stones
We found 187 discussions
" ...Tums do help, but I was taking like 10 of them a day and my doctor said I had to stop or I'd give myself a kidney stone. Whoops! Now I... "

" ...lot of pain and UTI's. When they went to take it out I ended up needing shockwave treatment to break up all the calcification around the stent and then put me under and laser the rest. I was given ... "

" ...i just had a kidney stone finally pass and made used to. I feel some pain in my left lower abs..sometimes its up..and my upper back hurts now. I have been burping and passing gas more t... "

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" ...last year after I had a kidney stone attack. Progressively got worse. Had ...than before surgey. I take 40-50mg of Bentyl and it only helped ...and digestion has improved. Less burping, h... "

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" it (and i burp afterwards lol.. only when ...prevent me from eating. I also eat candy (mostly hard candy in my mouth to prevent me from eating). I worry about kidney stones and other things l... "

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" of the way to a specialist appt for my dad. He has a kidney stone stuck in his urethra blech!!!!! Anyhow, he hates driving at the best of times, he will already have... "

" ...being too tight or bugging me. Then I got fart-burps. It was nasty. I was happy to have the ...just a stony person since I also have had over 40 kidney stones as well!... "

" ...I even have kidney stones as well. ...burbles. I had a really bad time with belching. I just went around all day belching and I mean it came from the tip of my toes. Nexium stopped all... "

" this point because I will have another tiny baby while my first baby is still a baby. What the hell am I going to do?! And I have another kidney stone... blec... "

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" I thought I was having gall bladder pain but when I went to the hospital...I had kidney stones. BLECH. They were awful so I can't imagine the gall bladder. It's a common occurance for weight loss... "

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