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Belching (also known as burping, ructus, or eructation) involves the release of gas from the digestive tract (mainl...
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Common Burp treatments discussed around the web
Gripe Water 7,125 Zantac 4,806 Mylicon 2,739
617,452 conversations around the web about Burp to help you make a decision
617,452 conversations around the web about Burp to help you make a decision
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Burp & Dull Pain

0.69% of the posts that mention Dull Pain also mention Burp (213 posts)
Dull Pain
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Dull Pain
We found 213 discussions
" I have been burping a lot so googled it ...worried its my gall bladder as I sometimes get a dull pain in my right side quite high up. I am linked to Fibromalgia. I am so confused.... "

" ...On Ativan .5mg up to twice a day as needed. I ve been having a mild dull pain in my upper right abdomen for a few days now. I ve also had a lot of burping in my throat and burning sensation in... "

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" ...developing a white tongue during the night. I also have a dull pain in the stomach with... "

" ...GERD to me. I have GERD which was diagnosed after complaining about a lump in throat and terrible belching. Also had a dull pain down the center of my chest that almost felt... "

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" ...the flush I had a dull pain in the right-upper side stomach felt bloated, I was burping and feeling nauseated. I did experiencing exactly the same dull pain and bloated stomach, ... "

" ...acid reflux, pieces of food regurgitating hours after having eaten the meal, pain in upper left side of abdomen, sometimes dull pain in the right side of abdomen. Have had all possible tests, tried... "

" belly button. I'm fairly positive its gas, as burping/farting/bowel movements relieve the pain for a short ...reason. Its a dull pain that grows in ...up? Maybe take a laxative? ag... "

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" ...UTI last Monday and took Keflex until it was gone ...not good. I recently got a dull pain in my right side(not appendix ...a gas pain. And I've been belching a lot. I've been told... "

" ...still worried. I just feel gas in my pelvis area ...urinate and to poop, I burp a lot and sometimes I have a dull pain, almost not noticeble, in my ...goes. Oh and I feel minor cramps in my u... "

" ...swollen and pretty much have a dull pain at all times...get sick to my stomach, gas, burp,... "

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