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(Burning sensation)
Common Burning treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 2,443 Protopic 446 Elidel 252
1,968,818 conversations around the web about Burning to help you make a decision
1,968,818 conversations around the web about Burning to help you make a decision
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Burning & Pressure On My Bladder

4.06% of the posts that mention Pressure On My Bladder also mention Burning (488 posts)
Pressure On My Bladder
We found 488 discussions
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" cystisis. i had that...and just got some treatment for it. i would usually feel pressure on my i'd pee. even just a little and had the burning sensation. my boyfriend... "

" ...a bladder infection for ...They prescribed me Cipro 2 x a day. I have been on these for 4 days (of a 7 day treatment) and the burning sensation has gone, but the pressure in my bladder to urina... "

" ...if you have UTI your pee has to have a burning sensation. I just feel pressure on my bladder thats it! Oh sorry i counted wrong i'm CD... "

Post from
" ...burning and frequent urination. I haven't been in serious pain for a long time, so it's hard for me to remember how effective it was when my symptoms were worse. But I do use it on those days whe... "

Post from
" I know all about burning kidneys, bladder and lower back. My bladder pressure sometimes reaches 125. My urologist, ...10 days but the burning did not stop. I now have very burning every day. ... "

" the worse I am feeling constant bladder pressure accompanied with constant urinating ...days I have terrible burning sensation while urinating that feeling this bladder pressure and ... "

" Well, went to acupuncturist and had some moxibustion treatment (man putting burning cigar looking stick near my ...treatment and since I've felt pressure on my bladder, much more than I have... "

" ...Lately I have bladder problems when outside of ...fact is that I feel constant bladder pressure and constant urination need and ...worse is I have strong burning sensation while urinating. Wh... "

" ...have had interstitial cystitis for many years. ...on my bladder. Hopefully, the procedure will alleviate some of my bladder pressure and then I can deal with treating the burning and frequency. ... "

Post from
" ...I discovered that I have some ulceration/inflammation in the opening of IC? I do get some burning on urination but not very ...and I do sometimes feel bladder pressure. Also, just bef... "

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