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(Burning sensation)
Common Burning treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 2,443 Protopic 446 Elidel 252
1,969,963 conversations around the web about Burning to help you make a decision
1,969,963 conversations around the web about Burning to help you make a decision
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Burning & Acetylene

We found 187 discussions
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" Not even air......a welding torch proves him wrong. You can be burning pure acetylene and have a rather moderate flame. Add oxygen from a compressed cylinder (it will be extremely cold... "

Post from
" ...aspect. I've heard of people burning them out with oxy-acetylene / oxy-propane torches, though I'd ...correctly you're supposed to get the oil burning then turn off the fuel... "

Post from
" I've been afraid that I'm getting acid reflux, because of the terrible burning reaction I've had to my coffee every day for ...their claws and little rat-sized acetylene torches to escape, which wa... "

Post from
" ...getting ready to weld. Mine has an adjustable darkness control, allows me to set up for welding, oxy/acetylene burning etc. And the ultimate safety... "

Post from
" Quote: Acetylene torch, dude. I'd take the burning over the drowning. In fact, ...burned before. I have a pretty high pain threshold, but I ...being cold, and I don't get numb for a long... "

" ...a torch with no air on just lit the acetylene and smoked his burning goggles, and filled just the tips of his gloves ...while after he used his burning goggles before anyone told him... "

" a work collegue many years ago when i was burning bolts out of a concrete base with an oxy acetylene burner ................. the concrete was exploding !! a few... "

" ...burning sensation on your posterior when ...walk too close to a... "

" ...paranoid a nickname i picked up at work after an incident whereby i was oxy acetylene burning some steelwork portruding from concrete, i had hit a pocket of air trapped... "

" ...or propane on their own. Oxy/Acetylene is ideal (and the only missing or compromised People have good comments about burning and melting things though. It... "

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