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Burning Tongue

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Glossodynia or burning mouth syndrome (BMS) (also known as "Burning tongue" and "Orodynia") is a condition characterized b...
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2,871 conversations around the web about Burning Tongue to help you make a decision
2,871 conversations around the web about Burning Tongue to help you make a decision
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Burning Tongue & Salty Taste

0.35% of the posts that mention Burning Tongue also mention Salty Taste (10 posts)
Burning Tongue
Salty Taste
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Salty Taste
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" Thyroid malfunction can cause taste aberrations like that. I had a burning tongue before treatment; my mom had a salty taste in her mouth. But if that's the only symptom you have, it isn't... "

" ...coincidence. The LPR (which has been 90% or better controlled) has flared up in my case, reintroducing old symptoms (bitter/salty taste, major PND, burning tongue and throat spasms).... "

" ...take the salty taste anymore! I kept throwing up! I'll take the burning tongue... "

" ...Yeah I was also told to do this, but I couldn't take the salty taste anymore! I kept throwing up! I'll take the burning tongue sensation from corsodyl... "

" know I also suffer from a burning tongue, sore lips, sniffy nose at ...of the throat and a salty taste in the mouth. I have ...research of acid reflux and burning tongue. Have you thought... "

" was about a salty taste in the mouth and another was burning sensation on the tongue. You ...curious did you have a salty taste and a burning tongue at the same... "

" Clippity, salty taste is definitely a sign of hypoT. My mother had ...that aberrent taste is a common symptom. So is burning tongue, which I had. Have you been diagnosed? In treatment... "

" ...burning tongue syndrome, ...salty taste ...I also now drink fresh orange juice daily and drinking water frequently throughout the day. Also I've been sucking glazier mints and sugar free gum... "

" ...throat, burning tongue, salty taste, ...I feel for you, that first year (or two), can be awful - until the medications finally have their full impact. Of course there are side effects, and I cou... "

" ...most awful week with this salty taste and burning sensation in my mouth, yesterday i got blisters under my bottom lip ...i found a syndrome called Burning tongue Syndrome, never heard of it... "

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