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Minoxidil is taken for: Hair Loss Male Pattern Baldness


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Minoxidil for Hair Loss
148,686 conversations around the web about Minoxidil to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Minoxidil and compared it to other Hair Loss medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Minoxidil cause Burning Skin ?

#153 in Minoxidil discussions - 18 posts discuss Burning Skin with Minoxidil. Burning Skin is #153 concern in Minoxidil discussions.
We found 18 discussions
" ...given up using minoxidil again..this time for good. I have had scalp burning, fatigue, bloating and heart palpitations even only ...with. Yesterday I washed my hair and didn't apply anything... "

" also using 12.5% minoxidil for my hair..which seemed to help a lot b4 my estorgen dipped low and i started getting messy scalp burning and pain and started loosing hair ilke crazy...allright... "

" ...with TE. I was getting a major scalp burning sensation for a while also. ...bang area. Also, has anyone had any good experience using Minoxidil... "

" The scalp burning ramped up in year two of hair loss -- I was using minoxidil and thought that's what triggered ...stopped using it and started taking iron supplements, and the sensation slowed... "

" Otherwise i am still lacking control over those muscles. I found my occipitalis are (still) very weak and unevolved. I stopped using minoxidil 2 months ...@Tom It's scalp ''burning and swea... "

" it off, and you skin burns before the hair comes off. are absorbing too much minoxidil. More is better for your ...That is why I use 2.5% minoxidil and rely more on... "

" scalp burning this is a new one ...all of last week i have been putting on Dr. Lee's minox with retin-a twice a day.. ...unrelated topic.. is dr .lee's minox 500 as good as... "

" ...everything but the kitchen sink to get those almost dead hairs to thicken up again, nothing has worked, and there is no way I would go with Minox (caused me sides) and Fin, I will not roll the dice... "

" ...Anyways, heres my regimen so far. Fin: 4.5 months Minox: 1 week away from 2 months As far as scalp burning goes it stopped as soon as I stopped itching my head... "

" ...stopped smoking, my scalp burning has all but we're in Scalp Burning: Twister, when you apply your minox with the 3% ...of mild burning I'm feeling post application of my min... "

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