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Burning Mouth Syndrome

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(Oral dysaesthesia)
Glossodynia or burning mouth syndrome (BMS) (also known as "Burning tongue" and "Orodynia") is a condition characterized b...
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1,963 conversations around the web about Burning Mouth Syndrome to help you make a decision
1,963 conversations around the web about Burning Mouth Syndrome to help you make a decision
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Burning Mouth Syndrome & GERD

4.33% of the posts that mention Burning Mouth Syndrome also mention GERD (85 posts)
Burning Mouth Syndrome
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We found 85 discussions
" Burning Mouth Syndrome? Has anyone heard of this? ...He thought because I have been on Nexium for ages without relief that it might not be GERD at all. That is when he mentioned this burning mouth... "

" ...It was nothing like acid reflux at all. More of ...up my symptoms (eyeroll)and found \"burning mouth syndrome\". Well of course it wasn't Burning mouth syndrome at all and went away on it's own ... "

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" ...say I may have GERD and prescribed me omeprazole 40 mg. It stopped my acid reflux but did not relieve ...Anyway, I have it narrowed down to dry mouth or Burning Mouth Syndrome. I just began... "

" ...hadn't ever heard of this. The first thing they all say is acid reflux. Mine goes into my sinuses and into my eyes. ...feel this coming on. The burning mouth syndrome is what doctors have told... "

" oral symptoms from gerd/lpr Does anyone have or know ...suffers from oral symptoms from gerd/lpr? I just need that peace ...that might help. I have burning mouth syndrome (my tongue is burning... "

" ...Did you experience the \"burning mouth\" syndrome at any point? ...don't know if its GERD, TMJ, this or I'm in NYC. May I ask what did you do for treatment? Did you see a TMJ spe... "

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" think it may be burning mouth syndrome but its cold!!!!!!!! I am ...female who also suffers with acid reflux and I am waiting to ...also prescribed omeperazamole for my acid reflux... "

" ...the links you have posted, Kelleigh, about burning mouth syndrome & have written down ...all saying about Acid reflux being the cause. ...too? I stopped using the steroid nasal spray presc... "

" ...Hi Kelleigh Not everyone with GERD/ LPR has liquid coming up . Many people with GERD do not have that could be GERD or burning mouth... "

" Burning Mouth Syndrome and GERD Hi, I've just found this forum and was wondering if anyone else on this board suffers from BMS as well as stomach problems. I've had BMS for three years,... "

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