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Burning Feet

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(Burning foot)
4,391 conversations around the web about Burning Feet to help you make a decision
4,391 conversations around the web about Burning Feet to help you make a decision
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Burning Feet & Pernicious Anemia

0.18% of the posts that mention Burning Feet also mention Pernicious Anemia (8 posts)
Burning Feet
Pernicious Anemia
We found 8 discussions
" ...3 about B12 I'm fairly new to the B12 issue. I was diagnosed last Aug. after many years of complaining of burning feet.I don't have Intrinsic factor and was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia. I get... "

" ...similar to yours. I have burning feet, sore mouth, burning tongue-all the classic B12 symptoms. Have you got your ...have always thought I had Pernicious Anemia (PA)...........BUt my B12 lab... "

" ...can also cause burning feet. Chronic alcoholism, heavy metal poisoning, blood disorders such as pernicious anemia,erthromelegia (a rare circulatory ...can also cause burning feet. Taking vita... "

" ...she has already registerd (warrior) I am official hypo in 1999. I don't ...feel not well. Very dizzy, burning feet and legs, very tired ...felled good. It could be pernicious anemia because... "

" ...thought we were discussing pernicious anaemia! My private GP is ...have raging tinnitus again and burning feet, and feeling weepy (mustn't post ...intramuscular every day. I am suffocating h... "

" ...I have a high B12 serum from Cyanocobalamin. First, ...first, tingling /numbness or burning feet ? This is important, ...have guidelines on how to handle pernicious anaemia. And maybe I shou... "

" ...Answer Burning feet may be a temporary ...such cause of chronic burning feet is sensory peripheral neuropathy. vitamin B-12 deficiency anemia (pernicious anemia) Treatment of burn... "

" google burning feet at night pernicious anaemia you will note there are numerous articles that list pernicious anaemia as a cause of burning feet. Google scholar ...article, burning feet is... "

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