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bunion (hallux valgus) is a deformity characterized by lateral deviation of the great toe, often erroneously described as an enlargeme...
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19,329 conversations around the web about Bunion to help you make a decision
19,329 conversations around the web about Bunion to help you make a decision
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Bunion & Swollen Ankles

0.05% of the posts that mention Bunion also mention Swollen Ankles (10 posts)
Swollen Ankles
We found 10 discussions
" I had ankle swelling along with bunion surgery. It was worse with flying. It's not uncommon. was in Dec 2012 and I'm still experiencing swelling. Not so much around the ankle any more... "

" I had bunion surgery in 1993 on both feet at the same ...into my feet and also to help with my ankles swelling. It was a slow process but the swimming really... "

" I had bunion surgery almost 10 years ago and it was one ...decisions of my life. To this day, I have a numb big toe, foot swelling, ankle swelling and swelling all the way up to my knee,... "

" ...over-all. I too had bunion-ectomy. Poorly timed as I had the bunion - bone broken and ...Now 4 months post bunion-ectomy, I went out to ...elevate the foot when swollen ankles appear, and wra... "

" unlike most people i dont have swelling in my ankles my foot swells at the bottom and all my toes are swollen and they dont touch all of my questions about bunion surgery! to thos... "

" ...posted for a while following bunion and hammertoe surgery in NYC both heels and very swollen ankles. Got a clean bill of ...the humidity never made my ankles swell before, even when my... "

" ...broken. Left leg in a cast. Right knee hurts Ankles swell when i break wind, must take these tights off. Bunion on right foot. A corn on me little toe.... "

" ...reply Squirrelmom. I started taking ibuprofen this afternoon after checking ...worried too much about the ankle swelling as I have weak ...three weeks to drive. The \"bunion\" shoe that I wa... "

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" ...Lupus. He had sent me to a Podiatrist regarding the ankle swelling and the x-ray's confirmed that I have a bunion, a spur, and collapsed cartilage which is making my... "

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" ...points are hands, knuckles, wrists...left foot (bunion joint...not very technical LOL)...left shoulder..catchy ...Complementary track. Lisaann...had foot and ankle swelling when went to watch... "

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