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bunion (hallux valgus) is a deformity characterized by lateral deviation of the great toe, often erroneously described as an enlargeme...
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19,335 conversations around the web about Bunion to help you make a decision
19,335 conversations around the web about Bunion to help you make a decision
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Bunion & Morton's Neuroma

2.4% of the posts that mention Morton's Neuroma also mention Bunion (93 posts)
Morton's Neuroma
We found 93 discussions
" Sue, I am having 1 Morton's Neuroma removed and they are making an incision to get to my bunion and they will shave it down.. I will sleep all the way to... "

" Yes, I have a bunion on my right foot, which , over the years ...(I wore cowboy boots A LOT) now I have developped Morton's Neuroma, which is VERY painful. After having seen several specialists... "

" ...doubt about that. Had a Morton's neuroma removed between the 3rd and 4th toe on that foot years ago. Still have a numb spot on the ball ...of my foot from the bunion is gone!... "

" I had morton's neuroma surgery in Dec. 07. I ...Sept. 06. I think the neuroma formed when the bunion had shoved the bones of my foot together or foot. Now I have a bunion and neuroma on my... "

" ...another technique for treating morton's neuroma on ...affinity for nerve tissue. My pod told me that orthotics are the main way to treat neuromas. If you had bunions ...good luck with your... "

" ...Pigs: You would get better therapeutic results in treating her Morton's neuroma with an orthosis with ...laterally on her bunion bump during weightbearing ...not causing her neuroma pain b... "

" ...HAV surgery to correct a bunion as well as my Morton's Neuroma removed from the same foot.... "

" I had a painful Morton's Neuroma about 6 years ago. I've had a bunion, two heel spurs and plantar fascia surgery, additionally, I had a toe straightened. that being said, the surgery for me was... "

" ...for me and I get shooting pains in my toe. I hear that this will help me. I had bunion removal hammertoe correction and Morton's neuroma removal... I must have been crazy to do all... "

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" ...12/07 and had surgery to remove the hardware from bunion surgery and had a morton's neuroma removed between 3rd and 4th toes. Still have constant pain along the outside and on top of that... "

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