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bunion (hallux valgus) is a deformity characterized by lateral deviation of the great toe, often erroneously described as an enlargeme...
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19,273 conversations around the web about Bunion to help you make a decision
19,273 conversations around the web about Bunion to help you make a decision
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Bunion & Cyst

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" ...that they can drain the cyst. I am sure there is and that would relieve the pressure off of the bunion. Don't tackle them, both, at to handle the bunion. Eventually, you will probably... "

" My bone cysts were actually in my bunion sites. I have been told they generally occur where there is new growth or pressure - hence the bunion sites - and are quite rare in adults because... "

" ...everything . I had severe pain on the bottom ...which came from a bunion which caused a cyst. When I had the cyst drained by a different ...left. I still had this bunion and foot pad problem.... "

" I don't have a cyst but I do have a nodule on the left instep. Boy it is painful. I also have (in the bunion area) great big nodules that my foot doctor says... "

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" I had a cyst removed from an eyelid when I was 17. The ...hear them cut, cut, cutting it out. I had bunion surgery and corn surgery in 1999. Best thing I... "

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" Bunion??? I have been having a ...just read the post about cysts so i'm wondering if that's what it might be. Has anyone had a bunion before? What do you do about... "

" to hike (great Vizsla companioin). I have had bunion corrections on both feet...not painful or of any issue...and had may cysts removed. Now the arthritis is so bad I am... "

" ...a wait list to have bilateral bunion surgery.One is a straight forward ...other has arthritic changes and cysts in it also. I also ...slower recovery as i am on methrotrexate and prednisone. ... "

" ...have been told I have osteoarthritis in my hips the ...the right, also have a cyst on left hip and a ...bit scared, I already have a big toe joint implant (bunion) other half asked whats in... "

" ...I have a ganglion (sp?) cyst on my right foot. It ...developed this recently after having bunion surgery on my left foot. ...foot was doing because I was limping for so long and... "

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