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Bulging Eyes

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Exophthalmos (also called exophthalmia or proptosis) is a bulging of the human eye anteriorly out of the orbit (anatomy). ...
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5,360 conversations around the web about Bulging Eyes to help you make a decision
5,360 conversations around the web about Bulging Eyes to help you make a decision
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Bulging Eyes & Hypothyroidism

5.24% of the posts that mention Bulging Eyes also mention Hypothyroidism (281 posts)
Bulging Eyes
We found 281 discussions
" ...being hyper. b/c my sis was Hypo, then had a goiter and went hyper(got the bulging eyes lost weight etc...)... "

" ...I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism, then i went to the ER for something a doctor wanted to know why I was on Synthroid when my eyes ...the doctor mentioned my eyes bulging out, I experienc... "

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" ...bulging eyes. I had a blood test and ended up having RAI (radioactive iodine) treatment to basically kill my thyroid. Now i'm hyPOthyroid and take thyroid replacement hormone (levoxyl which is a... "

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" ...iodine procedure done, then went Hypo. I then started taking Levoxyl and synthroid and have since had ...common for the bulging eyes to happen a year or so after the GD is treated. It doesn't ... "

" ...and on Synthroid. I'm not sure how he can be hypo now, but he is. He developed the worst bulging eyes. My first Dr. said my TSH shows hypo and there... "

" ...It ususally produces protruding (bulging) eyes, as one of you ...lump in my throat. I am wondering if I have gone hypothyroid, since I had the radio active treatment for Graves disease. Any... "

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" ...BB. Yes I notice I'm much better being hypo and my eyes feel better. However, the muscles always ...was 8.49. When I get too low eyes bulging kicks in. I get tested... "

" ...disorders related to hypothyroidism, goitre and similar due to its high content of iodine, since apparently ...anxiety, tachycardia, exophthalmos, weight loss, since being high in iodine, that... "

" physical signs of graves (bulging eyes, goiter, ect..)? I ask to try and gauge here severity. Also post treatment how high did her TSH go? I'm sry brother, b/c it's a tricky disease... "

" ...(for thyroid) since then. I did have radioactive iodine to treat (aka kill) they thyroid so now I am hypo. It took me a while to get used to the bulging eyes and I still hate them,... "

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