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Bulging Eyes

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Exophthalmos (also called exophthalmia or proptosis) is a bulging of the human eye anteriorly out of the orbit (anatomy). ...
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5,359 conversations around the web about Bulging Eyes to help you make a decision
5,359 conversations around the web about Bulging Eyes to help you make a decision
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Bulging Eyes & Depression

1.34% of the posts that mention Bulging Eyes also mention Depression (72 posts)
Bulging Eyes
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" ...was feeling down after getting a very ...Me: November. Store clerk (with eyes bulging out of her head): Oh, my goodness.... ...And for the record, my weight and weight gain are completely nor... "

" ...or loss, rapid or strange heart beats, jittery feeling, bulging eyes, anxiety, depression... any symptoms can be for high or for low ...With my first, I went really hyper and we didn't catch... "

" ...and doing something you both enjoy may prompt him into seeking help for himself. Does your partner have any other health problems? Depression can also be caused by other disorders: bowel problems... "

" ...weight loss bulging eyes etc 12 years ago ..., cold , depression , etc i take 200mcg of levothyroxine never feel any better and been dieting lost 54lbs up to now but its a hard struggle !!!! A... "

" ...dfe, decided to practice scleral depression and the eyeball popped out and the patient ...say do you have thyroid problems, patient says yes, ...and see they have proptosis, put a drop of... "

" ...its own cells. Are your eyes bulging and are you having trouble ...and sleep if I need to. But the worsening depression worries energy level are lower then even before.... "

" ...This didn't last long but was full eyes bulging, screaming, arms flailing jobby. Then went to A&E, my BP at this point was 79/50 which is very low! About two months later off all meds my BP... "

" hair off during a depressive fit several years ago, but pretty but I am overweight, I have a crazy directions and have a goldfish's large bulging eyes, there is nothing excepti... "

" ...thryoid disease. Have had Grave's Disease/Hyperthyroidism for about 5 ...My biggest and most depressing symptom is the exophthalmos/bulging in my right eye. ...has no idea how depressing it ... "

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" ...Voltaren four months ago. I am new to the internet and I have learned more in one day on GD than in two years of going to doctors. I had hives ...bulging eyes ...emotional problems and depr... "

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