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Ovulation Pain

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Ask a question
Mittelschmerz'' (German language: "middle pain") is a medicine term for "ovulation pain" or "midcycle pain". About 20% of women experi...
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31,179 conversations around the web about Ovulation Pain to help you make a decision
31,179 conversations around the web about Ovulation Pain to help you make a decision
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Bruise & Ovulation Pain

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" ...having mild cramping in my lower abdominal area, vaginal area feels almost bruised (TMI) sorry, also have had a full lower back ache for the last ...soft. I experienced mittelschmerz pain 3 days... "

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" ...get ovulation pain. It follows a very distinct pattern. Starts as an achy, bruised feeling and then builds ...ovulated it feels much more painful (according to ...I rarely get period pains. L... "

" ...ovulation pain to me...I got bad ovulation pain before clomid (ovulate naturally) but clomid just seems to have exacerbated it. I usually get pains (& other ovulation symptoms - ...\"bruised\"... "

" I get ovulation pain AND mid-cycle cysts. They feel ...stabbing their finger into a bruise and not letting up. I ...pelvis...don't know if that's typical). Ovulation pain is just...a weird s... "

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" ...I have little or no bruising problems. When I don't do it, I bruise easily. Vitamin C is water soluble so ...- I do get cramps, but nothing serious. I have had ovulation pain at times, but ... "

" Mittelschmerz question? Does anyone get Mittelschmerz or Ov pains? If so, ...are achy, like they are bruised. Oh! and my nipples are doubt that this is Mittelschmerz but my question is whe... "

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" ...also reported to help with bruising, ive had great results, but any of you suffer ovulation pain? I seem to get really ...easy bruisability, but that is controlled with vitamin C inta... "

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" ...I get fairly bad ovulation pain too, because I have ...pelvis still feels a bit bruised for about a day afterwards though. I know that mine is definitely ovulation pain because it's on one... "

" ...days, I used to have ovulation pain, which I dont get anymore, ...bit later, Im due my next period friday 11th, only thing ...sore except for nipples feeling bruised to touch :/ an I... "

" ...kinda sore like there's a bruise inside, it's weird don't always get it but most of the time I do, hope it was ovulation pain and not just a poop! Lol anyways I'll find... "

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