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Bruise + Intubation

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Ask a question
104 conversations around the web about Bruise + Intubation to help you make a decision
104 conversations around the web about Bruise + Intubation to help you make a decision
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Bruise & Intubation

We found 104 discussions
" body's been through a battle zone. I've got bruises on my arms from IV and arterial hard line, ...bitten or cut (not sure if that's from the intubation), and my body is still a bit swollen f... "

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" ...of combine flail chest and contusion, also u have to think ...your abcd and check if intubation is indicated or not. to ...need to expect underlying pulm contusion, with the above p02 96... "

" ...with a moderately difficult intubation and also have to ...leg with very large bruise on side of my hip and also have suffered with muscle spasms on the left ...and when I get the neck pain I... "

" ...hairline. I did have some bruising around the incision. AND...I also had some occipital pain for awhile. And I so afraid that the intubation process will make things worse.... "

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" ...a worrying time. sometimes the intubation tube can cause swelling, grannulation ...little boy also has left vocal cord palsy as a result ...sometimes the nerve can be bruised and damaged but... "

" ...put me in-YIKES- big, massive bruising on the inside of my ...days, I guess because of intubation. This was my first major ...get the poor me's. I was expecting the pelvic pain, but not this... "

" ...It can be due to bruising, scrapes or minor cuts. Sounds ...par for the course with intubation, and usually heals without intervention. subside. If you have bruising as well, it can tak... "

" ...and afters where some are bruised from head to toe and which can happen from intubation, hormone imbalances etc. Then there ...had 2 people say \"have you lost weight\" and both ti... "

" ...times. My guess also is intubation, but if your'e concerned calling it. have a large bruise around the port area did ...anything to worry about. Some bruise so much it looks like... "

" ...the way down your throat, like an endotracheal tube (intubation)? -Did they catheterize you (urinary catheter)? Because doesn't general feel like a bad bruise, or is it sharp pain,... "

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