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9,272 conversations around the web about Hemochromatosis to help you make a decision
9,272 conversations around the web about Hemochromatosis to help you make a decision
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Bruise & Hemochromatosis

We found 19 discussions
" ...Man --- I have hemochromatosis, When first diagnosed I ...have never had a bruise i... "

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" ...My pop has hemochromatosis. I literally had a ...hour ago because I bruise really easily, and... "

" ...low at 22 though. I'm bruising easily and half expected my doc to say that I was anemic. I'm shocked that my ...Is it possible to have hemochromatosis with such low ferritin? What... "

" ...and lump...... I have been recently diagnosed with hemochromatosis.about 2 weeks ago I ...a pretty nasty bruise on my right bicep. Well the bruise is starting to of the bruise, it ... "

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" ...wrist and elbow and bad bruises to the head and one The doctors believe it's all related to my hemochromatosis and iron overload, which can be traced back to... "

" ...Did you have lots of bruises as a child? oR have ...we would get a decent bruise from) it can be life anything. My FH has a condition called haemochromatosis, which means he has... "

" ...stupid. Anyway the final dx from then was \"blood dyscrasia\" which I think ...with the same symptoms...bruises and spots coming ...long) I have been diagnosed with hemochromatosis. Althoug... "

" ...dark area - like a bruise but not - on the ...Doxasozin (sp?) and Metoprolol for HBP. I also take a low dose aspirin daily. I am 68 years old - active ...good health - treated for Hemochrom... "

" ...iron in my blood, I bruise easily, and it hurts when ...That has been ruled out. Then they thought it was hemochromatosis. That was also ruled out. I just do not... "

" ...I don't think it is hemochromatosis because they have been giving ...the only thing they had in her charts was Iron Deficiency Anemia - no reference to ...two very large dark bruises at the w... "

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