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Bronchitis is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi, the airways that carry airflow from the Vertebrate trachea into the...
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Common Bronchitis treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 1,950 Zpak 1,905 Cough Syrup 1,423
140,839 conversations around the web about Bronchitis to help you make a decision
140,839 conversations around the web about Bronchitis to help you make a decision
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Bronchitis & Chest Heaviness

1.45% of the posts that mention Chest Heaviness also mention Bronchitis (50 posts)
Chest Heaviness
We found 50 discussions
" ...if you dont have asthma get off of them. I was on advair for 3 weeks for bronchitis and i had alot of chest heaviness, the doctor took me off ...on advair, the gerd was controlled with zegerid... "

" ...for my lungs. I had bronchitis, then pleurisy and now I'm having a heaviness in my chest I have never felt before.... "

" ...heavy feeling in my chest that would come and go...nothing too horrible though. I developed a cold 2 weeks ago and then a bad cough...and much \"wetter\" than I've ever had. Had a breathing test do... "

" ...glutathione is expensive. I get it at it is liquid. I too have found that a gluten free diet helps alot. ...I have bronchitis too. I ...also have lots of chest heavine... "

" exaggeration there. I had bronchitis. I would use an inhaler to help with the heaviness in my chest and to clear all the ...also. Basically, if it is bronchitis/asthma, it needs to run it's... "

" ...tablespoon of the leftover cough syrup with codeine the doc gave me for my bronchitis, and it hit me pretty ...gone. but I feel very dizzy and feel a little heaviness in my chest. arms are kinda... "

" ...breathe mainly because of being so stuffed up sinus wise and then the heaviness on my chest from the bronchitis. I'm gonna have the hubby pick up some Benedryl today and stay home... "

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" ...tough cause i had bronchitis that shit is not ...quite sometimes still have that heaviness in my chest liek some one ...dr just anxiety which i do believe it is that bronchitis didnt help im... "

" interesting to see what pops up. I had bronchitis a few weeks ago and can still feel a slight heaviness in my chest so I'm hoping they don't freak out about it.... "

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" ...I have had really bad chest heaviness. No pain, just ...ER, they said it was bronchitis after tons ...been taking Prilosec for three days. The heaviness has lessened by half, which is really ... "

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