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Bronchitis is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi, the airways that carry airflow from the Vertebrate trachea into the...
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Common Bronchitis treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 1,924 Zpak 1,900 Cough Syrup 1,414
139,856 conversations around the web about Bronchitis to help you make a decision
139,856 conversations around the web about Bronchitis to help you make a decision
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Bronchitis & Apple Cider Vinegar

We found 86 discussions
" Apple cider vinegar in orange juice or water ...first time in many years it didn't turn into bronchitis... "

" ...does apple cider vinegar work for bronchitis too? I've had ...I still have the ugly coughing episodes from... "

" cider vinegar has helped me so much, ...I heard about it in 2003 after having been in the hospital for chronic broncitis three times that year and had develped asthma, was on a nebulizer... "

" ...feeling that this visual will come to mind the next time i get brochitis... i confess...i'll see what the apple cider vinegar & TheraFlu will do... "

" ...essential peppermint oil when my sinuses are sick. It has been said ...also drink tomato juice and apple cider vinegar every morning (many years ago) ...supposed to be good for bronchiti... "

" \\\"1 to 2 TBLS of Apple Cider Vinegar per cup of water depending ...acid reflux, nausea or gas then it is best to have it cure the flu, common cold, broncitis, constipation and sinus prob... "

" ...I have sinusitus that is currently turning into bronchitis and fortunatly, my asthma only is bad when I am sick. I just did the cayenne pepper treatment and so far I have noticed that the burning... "

" ...half of a cold then bronchitis. So I've been sick for two weeks and ...on its own. Oh and for sore throat I found warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey does wonders... "

" ...had misdiagnosed viral bronchitis and told it was allergies. Lasted over a month. I went to a doctor, lung xray fine, no allergies, asthma testing and it was negative. Ultimately, he thought I h... "

" ...sick and tired of having bronchitis pnuemonia that has lasted for by Rett. I happened to have braggs organic Apple cider vinegar and honey. Did the solution last night and woke... "

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