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Bronchiectasis is a disease state defined by localized, irreversible dilation of part of the bronchial tree caused by destruction of t...
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Common Bronchiectasis treatments discussed around the web
Acetylcysteine 13 Mucomyst 8 Bricanyl 4
5,926 conversations around the web about Bronchiectasis to help you make a decision
5,926 conversations around the web about Bronchiectasis to help you make a decision
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Bronchiectasis & Weight Gain

0.84% of the posts that mention Bronchiectasis also mention Weight Gain (50 posts)
Weight Gain
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Weight Gain
We found 50 discussions
" ...had a problem with weight gain on Pred too. ...the meds for your bronchiectasis associated with weight ...unexplained weight loss. Does the swelling belly go down during the day or is it alwa... "

" ...6 months, not ideal but I know I have summer/winter weight loss/gain But... I have ordered an exercise bike in the the summer but my bronchiectasis stopped my cycling once cool... "

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" ...can maintain that weight. I had trouble gaining and keeping weight on before i started certain drugs, and i gained 10 lbs when i begane Zithromax and Spiriva your daughter? I've got Bronch... "

" increase because of my weight. ...have Bronchiectasis ...asking my RD to do the Iv's, he is very reluctant and wants to see the Ap docs notes before he will consider helping me, which worr... "

" ...Bronchiectasis,copd,osteoarthritis and spondilitis.(among other ...appetite,though i just cannot put on any weight. any... "

" who has had difficulty putting on weight all my life. I have Bronchiectasis and have been advised ...forming as is bananas. Has anyone with Bronchiectasis tried the powered milk? And is ... "

" Bronchiectasis/Asthma cure My daughter who is 14 years old female is diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. Main symptoms are coughing starts ...and cold during winter. Weight gain is not as desired.... "

" ...marrow transplant.... I then had non-Hodgkins lymphoma... From the chemo i lungs.. So now have Bronchiectasis... When I was diagnosed with ...was only 1 stone over weight.. I am 4 st... "

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" ...have bronchiectasis and ...problems gaining/maintaining weight was ...These are quite rare, and there are lots of different kinds, but with good treatment I have improved massively. If the te... "

" ...almost 8 months for my TB, using 3 combination, Izonazid, ...I had my symptoms of Bronchiectasis already. Am now functioning well. ...antibiotic. Now , I have an increase of my weight, and no... "

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