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Dyspepsia , also known as upset stomach or indigestion, refers to a condition of impaired digestion. It is a medical cond...
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Common Indigestion treatments discussed around the web
Gaviscon 2,945 Zantac 1,796 Omeprazole 1,474
129,827 conversations around the web about Indigestion to help you make a decision
129,827 conversations around the web about Indigestion to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Indigestion

Broken Ribs & Indigestion

We found 14 discussions
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" ...pain due to some previously broken ribs, bad posture, the underwire of my bra, indegestion, at it's worst I thought ...breath away and I get light headed, I believe that I'm... "

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" ...had broken ribs and they both won their fights.. I had some... "

" much easier. I had morning sickness for about 2 months.i ...And I thought she almost broke a rib when she kicked me the ...know. And I have had somw bad indigestion. This time around ha... "

" I had the same pain during my first pregnancy! ...sense than baby kicking or indigestion like I was told it ...women experiencing bruised and even broken ribs from baby's kicks, but the... "

" ...years. After being on it about a year I broke a rib, acquired a heart rhymth problem, had constant pain in my back and severe indigestion. I came off the treatment last May and am... "

" ...- I had cracked and broken ribs from my other half doing ...also found was I had arterial cardiac spasms - so I use ...comes on (rather like the indigestion pain of the MI) and... "

" ...try to find. lucki, I am so sorry you broke a rib. Congrats on not dropping the ball lol. Hoping for ...from the last batch and it give me bad indigestion, so its back to the caps for me. I... "

" ...corset too long everyday are, broken ribs, incorrect rib formation, cracked rib, ...other problemz, digestion problemz, constipation, indigestion, internal organ damage, and headachez... "

" ...but then if it was indegestion it may have done actually do anything? I had painful feet and wrists last night, ...down the stairs last September and broke two ribs. The GP prescribed ... "

" ...spleen. In the absence of rib fracture or trauma, musculoskeletal pain is ruled out. Gastritis or indigestion is associated with pain in ...then this pain is due indigestion. If none of these sy... "

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