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Breathing Problems

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(Respiratory disorder)
Respiratory disease is a medical term that encompasses pathology conditions affecting the organs and tissues that make gas exchange po...
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Common Breathing Problems treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 1,026 Ventolin 310 Proventil 23
101,554 conversations around the web about Breathing Problems to help you make a decision
101,554 conversations around the web about Breathing Problems to help you make a decision
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Breathing Problems & Side Effects

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" ...ease breathing problems. My understanding is that the primary reason for prescribing is pain control, but that easing of breathing problems is a useful... "

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" ...due to similar respiratory problems. I had no adverse effects. I had far more problems with antibiotics before I started treatment. Just a note that the respiratory problems (coughing a... "

" ...I am taking Singulair for breathing problems and the leaflet says it's used to control symptoms of asthma. But you Afraid of side effects? Appre... "

" ...So, all those bad side effects that occur while taking ...present in this case. This medication will help her a lot, prevent any breathing problems and improve that same... "

" ...HFA Pound weight gain, advair, unbelievable control, breathing problems, changed my life 16 ...No other noticeable side effects Unbelievable control of ...a year for breathing problems. Didn... "

" ...1.5 to almost 2.5. I was so paranoid but my pedi said any side effects of the steroids are worth preventing my son from having breathing issues again. It was hard but... "

" ...class I didn't have breathing problems was the one I missed my morning dose. I see breathing problems are a side effect of Valium but what do I do? Ventolin etc ...anyone had breathing issues o... "

" ...unpleasant side effects including peeling hands and feet which is quite common. Unfortunately i had the whole list of side effects and had a couple of days in hospital with breathing problems.... "

" ...and asthma. I am on Allegra and Flonase to to keep my breathing problems at bay. It prevents me from having to take Albuterol on a daily basis, ...I've have problems with side effects... "

" ...though; he was on Qvar for his preventive daily inhaler and it didn't seem to have negative side effects. I'd definitely see a different dr. It gets a little confusing w/Will because he's seen our... "

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