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Cold Sweats

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(Cold sweat)
47,403 conversations around the web about Cold Sweats to help you make a decision
47,403 conversations around the web about Cold Sweats to help you make a decision
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Breastfeeding & Cold Sweats

We found 127 discussions
" ...since having the baby, as breastfeeding is so painful since mastitis. and its ok for breastfeeding mums to take, I just ...get shivering and shaking with cold sweats if I oversleep and ... "

" more often when Im breastfeeding her, she has a slight cough but mostly after she ...but babies dont suffer from clammy skin when in shock due to... "

" ...week and just had a very intense hot flash into cold sweat. But everything I read hot flashes. I don't have a fever....that was my other affect your breastfeeding supply? Any e... "

" poisoning, I've had a massive headache since last night, and today I've got cold sweats and stomach cramps that affect our breastfeeding routine? LO is ...tell me he won't get sick... "

" ...after a whole day of hot/cold sweats, headache, flu-like symptoms I figured ...antibiotics and I sure feel better now. We are having issues with breast feeding right now, and I am... "

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" ...I get at all hungry I shake and get cold sweats and feel faint, not sure if it related. Kelly- could be related to the pill. I'm also breastfeeding, so perhaps related to that... "

" dreading the idea of breastfeeding. I'm going on over four ...body back to myself! Also, breastfeeding hurt so bad the first ...would break out into a cold sweat before nursing him. I feel... "

" I've been having lots of vivid dreams - usually 2 or ...I wake up in a cold sweat! One night I dreamed that ...had a dream that I was breastfeeding, but in the dream my... "

" ...don't keep weight on while breastfeeding either and I am hypoglycemic also. Things I do ...snacks regularly, BEFORE I feel that nasty nauseous cold sweat hunger faint feeling Eat lots... "

" ...sweating while breastfeeding. Height, head circumference ...everytime she sleeps and breast feeding she was sweating so much,particularly on the back of her head and cold sweat on the forehead... "

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