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Breast Reduction + Cocoa Butter

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Ask a question
45 conversations around the web about Breast Reduction + Cocoa Butter to help you make a decision
45 conversations around the web about Breast Reduction + Cocoa Butter to help you make a decision
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Breast Reduction & Cocoa Butter

We found 45 discussions
" ...ask when/what I should change to. I've been doing cocoa butter twice day after my breast reduction for about 4 months now. I'm not sure if... "

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" ...a fantastic job on the breast reduction! I don't think i've seen ...about the vitamin E and Cocoa butter, your scar is looking great... "

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" maryam, I had a breast reduction 3 years ago, and started using a mixture of Palmer's cocoa butter and GNC vitamin E--50,000 IUs, for the scarring. Low and behold if... "

" ...had any luck with getting rid of stretch marks? I don't have a ...7 months old. I used Palmers Cocoa Butter through out my pregnancy on ...are worse because I had a breast reduction when I wa... "

" ...coconut oil. I had a breast reduction surgery and my breast were ...where it would bleed. I recently bought a jar of pure coconut oil (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH COCOA BUTTER) and it's been working... "

" ...but many women here have used them with good results. I used Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion with Vit. E after I had my breast reduction done & I htink it helped to lighten my incision lines from red... "

" ...lotions.. but I've been using Cocoa Butter which was recommended to my ...when she had her breast reduction years ago.? It does ...I had my TT and breast reduction/lift on 01-05 this year.. s... "

" ...keep it on in place. I personally used Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion with Vit. E with great results for scar care after my breast reduction. If your plastic surgeon suggest you could use a... "

" I prefer cocoa butter, because of its expense for After Surgery Scar Care. Studies to evaluate scar ...Michael Bermant, MD Learn More About Gynecomastia and Male Breast Reductio... "

" ...breast reduction in 2003, ...Over time they have flattened out and now look pretty normal. The scar on my bikini line from my tubal ligation turned out nice and flat and is barely visible. I u... "

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