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Breast Pain

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Mastodynia, mastalgia or mammalgia are names for a medical symptom that means breast pain . Pain can range from minor...
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401,037 conversations around the web about Breast Pain to help you make a decision
401,037 conversations around the web about Breast Pain to help you make a decision
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Breast Pain & Vaginal Itching

0.31% of the posts that mention Vaginal Itching also mention Breast Pain (12 posts)
Vaginal Itching
Breast Pain
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" Do I have thrush? I just started having vaginal itching and sharp breast pain. I don't see white patches in my baby's mouth but I also can't get a very good look. I plan to call my OB in... "

" ...My boobs hurt, but no fever. I have some vaginal itching which I'm pretty sure ...her cheeks. Still having boob pain, hurts to nurse, but ...but I told her about the breast pain. She says to... "

" ...using vagifem are doing well( don't report any side effects), however few have reported breast pain, breast enlargement, nausea headache, thick white vaginal discharge without smell and vaginal... "

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" ...well woman visit and I am very confused on this issue plus ...for this) and also complains of vaginal itching or pelvic pain or breast pain or menorrhagia (dr orders ultra... "

" ...and results were very low thyroid and I was told to increase my thyroxine from ...Other symptoms I have are deep vaginal itching, off and on cramping and also, since xmas, very sore breasts whic... "

" ...issues and some external vaginal itching. When I tried to ...too much estrogen. (bloating, sore breast, etc : ) I the vaginal estrogen tablet...vagifem. It worked wonderfully. I d... "

" ...nausea, vomiting, bloating, stomach cramps; breast pain, tenderness, or swelling; freckles or ...appetite; problems with contact lenses; vaginal itching or discharge; changes in y... "

" ...Common side effects may include: vaginal itching, changes in bleeding patterns or ...mild stomach pain, nausea, bloating;back pain, breast tenderness or pain; weight gain,... "

" ...these add up to possible success? I am having: Sore breasts - it started as extremely sore and sensitive nipples. ...why I smell sweaty easier. vaginal itching - now I had to... "

" ...I sit. Lower abdomin feels Full I've had some vaginal itching no discharge. My cervix is really high can barely ...and no positive tests the sore breasts and itching are newer like... "

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