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Brain Tumor

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(Brain neoplasm)
brain tumor is an intrahuman skull solid neoplasm, a tumor (defined as an abnormal growth of cells) within the Human brain or the ...
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Common Brain Tumor treatments discussed around the web
Avastin 996 Ccnu 70 Lomustine 32
138,779 conversations around the web about Brain Tumor to help you make a decision
138,779 conversations around the web about Brain Tumor to help you make a decision
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Brain Tumor & Tingling

1.27% of the posts that mention Brain Tumor also mention Tingling (1,757 posts)
Brain Tumor
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We found 1,757 discussions
" ...notice many sensations in those regions of my body (tingling, muscle spasms, etc.). This week I believe I have a brain tumor because of tingling in my forehead and in my temples every now... "

" ...had some serious health anxieties. ...have a brain tumor?etc. I started getting tingling and it snowballed from there. Had a panic attack about 5 weeks ago and have had constant muscle twitching... "

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" ...brain zaps. Recently I have been getting tingling in my head on ...I'm scared incase I have a brain tumour? Doctor is convinced it's depression/anxiety ...Do you think this tingling could be ... "

" ...on my head. I convinced myself it was a brain tumour when half my body went tingly. I went to ER ...bp caused by anxiety but all was fine. Seen an optician ...and the more my head aches the m... "

" ...she had a brain tumour for a long ...other day, she had a pain in her foot the opposite side to her tumour, and I have tingling in my foot the... "

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" ...had facial tingling and eye twitching ...ignored it. I had a brain tumor pressing on... "

" ...of my head above my temples. is this a brain tumour? i also get tingly face and sometimes blurred vision. i am so scared i have a brain tumour, i cant get the thought... "

" Strange! My tongue actually tingle right side center. It started when I was rubbing ...base of my skull. I was afraid I had a brain tumor or something, because the sensation was directly relat... "

" Currently suffering with this tingling in legs everyday, hence my brain tumour fears. I also get a weird bubbling fluttering sensation in them. G.P. thinks it is just anxiety but of course I... "

" ...and face tingles. Behind my ear hurts and my throat feels ...I feel sick and my fingers tingle and keep having muscle twitches. Went dentaline and he ...tooth related and I have a brain tumou "

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