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Brain Tumor

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(Brain neoplasm)
brain tumor is an intrahuman skull solid neoplasm, a tumor (defined as an abnormal growth of cells) within the Human brain or the ...
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Common Brain Tumor treatments discussed around the web
Avastin 996 Ccnu 70 Lomustine 32
138,879 conversations around the web about Brain Tumor to help you make a decision
138,879 conversations around the web about Brain Tumor to help you make a decision
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Brain Tumor & Sneezing

0.15% of the posts that mention Brain Tumor also mention Sneezing (210 posts)
Brain Tumor
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We found 210 discussions
" My brain tumor was large and astrocytoma II. ...Tumor maybe recur. I have sneezing fits every day. I get ...on right side of my brain when sneeze. Do I have... "

" ...I have had a headache on and off, but have been sneezing on and off..sometimes have been hard to breathe but have anxiety....been feeling ...been worrying about have a brain tumor or annurysim. ... "

" ...assured you are not having brain tumor headache.Brain tumour headache is not associated with sneezing but vomiting . .Repeated sneezing is suggestive of allergy &... "

" ...the living room, and I was still tired (because I was rudely ...nosebleed and then she had a brain tumour. It wasn't like mine though ...nostrils, too. Last night I was sneezing a lot. I thin... "

" ...worst fear. If I thought brain tumor every day that I had sneezing/congestion/headaches (usually a day or two ...Relax now Aussie! No brain tumor here. The dizziness when my allergies act up i... "

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" ...called this because I was a miscarriage that lived. I ...childrens until mama sneezed and I shot, I had brain... "

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" ...if it hurts when you sneeze. I was worried that I had a brain tumor etc... Try an OTC if... "

" ...ears, headaches, some balance issues, sneezing). It is caused by inner ...Of course, I also have a brain tumor, but these two seem to... "

" I had a brain tumor removed this past June and ...I felt good... now I am getting headaches again, when I stand up, bend over or sneeze I get what I would... "

" ...far as i know most brain tumor symptoms are severe and don't of my friends had a brain tumor and she never felt dizzy ...just got severe headaches when sneezing or straining and her fi... "

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