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Brain Tumor

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(Brain neoplasm)
brain tumor is an intrahuman skull solid neoplasm, a tumor (defined as an abnormal growth of cells) within the Human brain or the ...
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Common Brain Tumor treatments discussed around the web
Avastin 946 Ccnu 69 Lomustine 32
137,459 conversations around the web about Brain Tumor to help you make a decision
137,459 conversations around the web about Brain Tumor to help you make a decision
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Brain Tumor & Nasal Polyps

We found 18 discussions
" ...on and off. I have nasal polyps which doc thinks is the ...and sinus scan as I was worried about brain tumour, but both were fine. Worrying... "

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" me before. I was convinced I had a brain tumor (doesnt help my mom died of one). It was so ...accept for a nasal polyp... I couldnt imagine ...their mind. I felt my arms were weak, I ... "

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" ...Loss of smell, for example, can be caused by nasal or sinus infections, nasal polyps, meningitis, or brain tumors. Loss of smell can affect taste. So can allergies, tongue injuries, stroke, or... "

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" ...of this post, and following are some common denominators of theories: -sinus infection - nasal polyps - brain tumor - parosmia - thyroid - laptop or computer monitors - geographic tongue -... "

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" ...due to chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps, head injury, side effect of ...upper respiratory infection, symptom of brain tumor or... "

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" ...and MRI of brain ? Brain tumor can be a cause of ...also get an ENT examination done to rule out nasal polyps , rhinitis and deviated nasal septum . Epilepsy can... "

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" ear infection or a nasal polyp as both these conditions can ...ago. There is a possibility of sinusitis . A brain tumor would produce other neurological symptoms as well like dizziness... "

" It can be something as innocuous as nasal polyps, or something as serious as a brain tumor or epilepsy. You need to see a doctor. Think of all the crazy things they see and hear every day. Nobody... "

" what triggered my major brain tumor anxiety around three years ago. ...chronic sinus issues (I have nasal polyps and post nasal drip). My ...figure if it was a brain tumour I would know ab... "

" is. Started off feeling really lightheaded and breathless, suddenly felt ...terrible disease or a brain tumour which was why i week. Do suffer from nasal polyps, sinititus and asth... "

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