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Brain Swelling

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(Brain oedema)
Cerebral edema or cerebral dema is an excess accumulation of water in the intracellular and/or extracellular spaces of the brai...
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Common Brain Swelling treatments discussed around the web
Decadron 473
7,674 conversations around the web about Brain Swelling to help you make a decision
7,674 conversations around the web about Brain Swelling to help you make a decision
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Brain Swelling & Concussion

We found 172 discussions
" ...friend suffered a concussion recently and has ...inability to drive. I was wondering if ozone would alleviate his condition, or would it worsen swelling in the brain? Secondly, another friend... "

" roadbike in 08. I sustained my 3 rd concussion that I have had to go to the hospital for, I am sure I have had more. I had double vision ...again and I had brain swelling with alittle hemmora... "

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" ...medically confirmed to have concussion you might not of even had it. My experience of concussion was quite serious, there ...Concussion is the brain swelling and putting pressure on the skull,... "

" you could have a concussion and die in your sleep from brain swelling. i'd say thats probably the... "

" ...damage or kill myself with a concussion because it is my choice, ...have the ability to pay. People sometimes have to be put in an induced coma to prevent brain swelling and brain damage. I know... "

" ...sorry to hear that you are having vision problems. I know after I had a concussion a few yrs. ago it ...lot more sz. because the concussion caused my brain to swell and it bruised my brain.... "

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" ...Enson? Enson took so many punches from Igor on the ground he suffered brain swelling, a broken jaw, a burst eardrum and a concussion. Was just all round awkward and cringy to watch. They had to hav... "

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" ...because he had a severe concussion from Chael slamming him and by the third round he had significant brain swelling which was making him see double. He wasn't sure... "

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" ...Filho to have a severe concussion (he had to spend the the hospital for this concussion) and by the third round he had significant brain swelling that was causing him all... "

" the local doc AGAIN. He gave me DECADRON for brain swelling, and DILAUDID for pain. Anyone familiar wi/decadron? I know Dilaudid ...11 days since the concussion. THANKS GUYS for listen... "

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