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Leg Weakness

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(Lower extremities weakness of)
9,344 conversations around the web about Leg Weakness to help you make a decision
9,344 conversations around the web about Leg Weakness to help you make a decision
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Brain Surgery & Leg Weakness

We found 27 discussions
" Great to hear you're doing so well. I can confirm that leg weakness is extremely common after brain surgery and that your strength will return in the coming weeks. My legs were so weak my gait... "

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" ...Rapidly Progressing Leg Weakness from Medscape Neurology & Neurosurgery s Hopkins Case #15: Rapidly Progressing Leg Weakness from Medscape... "

" I had open brain surgery to clip an aneurysm in 2004, I did experience a lot of leg weakness, fatigue and cognitive problems for the first six months.... "

" ...impingement - this may explain the sciatic symptoms. Usually neurosurgery is a better consult than general orthopedics. You may ...of nerve damage into the leg. Weakness in the leg is a... "

" ...bed and when i go to bed, and the leg weakness that comes and goes. I am not sure it ...being low. everyone around me seems to go against brain surgery so i guess i am at wait and see... "

" ...until the end, presented with subacute lower extremity weakness which had developed over the past week or so. Neurosurgery wanted an MRI, but he... "

" ...of people get better after brain surgery ! That is not much, ...1/2! Yes, I did have leg weakness before surgery off and on ...SO this could be residual leg weakness I guess, it's hard to... "

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" leg weakness I had a cisternogram for ...possible csf leak from a brain surgery . something went wrong during ...a MRI because i have breast cancer and had breast expander's... "

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" ...pat year or so, such as severe headaches, dizziness, leg weakness & stiffness, backaches, & vision difficulties. He has been be minor compared to brain surgery, that thought is so... "

" Today was my neurosurgery appointment, and the consultant was ...that needs intervention from a neurosurgery perspective. I asked him what ...causing my burning pain and leg weakness and he show... "

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