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Pinched Nerve

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Ask a question
(Nerve Entrapment)
60,121 conversations around the web about Pinched Nerve to help you make a decision
60,121 conversations around the web about Pinched Nerve to help you make a decision
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Brain Mri & Pinched Nerve

We found 124 discussions
" I had a brain MRI last month and PM said it was normal. Also ...bone spur is but I will look it up. Could it be a pinched nerve? How long do they last? I know the ear pain is not fr... "

" ...PET scans. I had a brain MRI after complaining of headaches (clear). I had a bone scan after severe shoulder pain ( pinched nerve). Hopefully it's just nerves getting to you and nothing... "

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" ...was just diagnosed too. Had tremors in lower abdomen and my right arm went numb. Started feeling the symptoms ...saying it was a pinched nerve, too, and since my brain MRI came back negative. I... "

" sounds like MS, Lupus, Lyme disease, Brain Tumour, Pinched Nerve and more. Only time and the proper testing, will ...If you haven't had a brain MRI and/or a LP, then, those... "

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" I went numb from the waist down so I saw my GP, thinking it was a pinched nerve or something, and he sent me to the hospital and then had a brain MRI and spinal tap on an... "

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" ...I am having a spine MRI along with my yearly brain MRI tomorrow to see if there may be a pinched nerve or something causing my tingling and numbness in my... "

" I sometimes get a tingly feeling in the back of ...would think you need a brain mri to make sure there is ...It could also be a pinched nerve in your neck causing these... "

" ...yours) to possibly be a pinched nerve. She just did xrays (showed ...far is ruled out via brain MRI) but need total spine MRI ...tell me I have neuropathy of my lower... "

" ...found. I also had a brain MRI done a few months ago ...really bad headaches (that turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck causing) so I would think if... "

" ...problem but I also have tingling. I was also told ...arms then its probably a trapped nerve. I would suggest you have ...I was also given a brain MRI as MS can present itself... "

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