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Brain Lesions

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(Brain lesion)
9,975 conversations around the web about Brain Lesions to help you make a decision
9,975 conversations around the web about Brain Lesions to help you make a decision
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Brain Lesions & Spinal Tap

We found 741 discussions
" ...friend has MS & has brain lesions but no spinal ones. I've had a spinal tap and it put me in the hospital for 6 days w/ a spinal headache. A neuro CAN diagnose... "

" ...diagnosed with \"mild MS\". I have several small brain lesions and a positive LP. I've had visual EPs... "

" ...have brain lesions also, but the LP showed nada, and I ...did the MRI for my headaches. They are more hesitant to do the LP because it's invasive an... "

" due to never having brain lesions and that previous neuro was ...from the last 10 years and said never had brain lesions. Spinal tap was normal. But lots of arthritis and of course... "

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" ...My neuro fave me a dx with a normal LP. I have brain lesions . what he told me was sometimes early in the disease the LP will come back normal, he... "

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" ...benign ms and I had 3 brain lesions on MRI and ol bands on lumbar puncture. I have had 2 known say the least. And I am more confused than ever no... "

" ...MRI showing 3 brain lesions in 1999, I was followed 6 years with annual ...sclerosis (MS). Unfortunately, the brain lesions multiplied in 2005 and a lumbar puncture with the earlier neurological... "

" ...! Similarly I was diagnosed with optic neuritis in June this year, only have one brain lesion but had lumbar puncture and have oligoclonal bands. Neuro ...until I have 9 brain lesions or a secon... "

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" ...opinion. It sounds like you have met the criteria for an MS diagnosis, with brain lesions, spine lesions, and positive LP. Is the reason for the second opinion because you (or your Mom) think... "

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" ...chiari.... Brain Lesions Terri, I thought that brain lesions was a pretty ...have a friend recently diagnosed with MS - Brain Lesions. I think they did a spinal tap also. Have they mentione... "

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