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Brain Fog

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(Foggy feeling in head)
Cognitive dysfunction (or brain fog) is defined as unusually poor mental function, associated with confusion, forgetfulness and ...
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148,028 conversations around the web about Brain Fog to help you make a decision
148,028 conversations around the web about Brain Fog to help you make a decision
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Brain Fog & Water Retention

0.16% of the posts that mention Brain Fog also mention Water Retention (242 posts)
Brain Fog
Water Retention
We found 242 discussions
" ...better thanks for asking. I am almost 6 weeks into T3 only protocol brain fog gone water retention & weight down a bit & motivation/outlook improving. twins doing OK still untreated... "

" ...your muscles are sore, you are retaining water in them. If your legs (tired and/or cold all the time, heavy feeling limbs, brain fog, tongue tied....) see your doctor and have some blood... "

" That's the impression I got! He said once we treat these deficiencies the water retention should go away. I have a lot of the ...sinks in lately with this brain fog I seem to... "

" ...I found taking Aromasin at night helped me. I had the bone pain initially, that is greatly lessened now. I also freaked out from brain fog, and that's pretty much gone now. My question... "

" ...more dizzy / brain fog, drinking water would ...I had more brain fog, I had ...sodium. And I believe sodium is used to retain water? So at least for me, adrenal gland supplements had a posi... "

" ...hope is it's \"just\" the water retention that's causing other symptoms such as slight fatigue or head fog, and that getting the water retention down will take care ...that I feel great: no head... "

" ...I have never had hot flashes or night sweats. Is ...some direction? My current symptoms are: depression, mental fogginess, confusion, disorientation, water retention, some joint pain at times... "

" ...high E2. So I get fatigued and feel a bit more hungry with low E2 and E2 and T are low. And I get bloated, have insomnia, retain water, and get foggy-headed when my E2 and T are high or ... "

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" ...about the Mirena. I'm now 46 and have had about four coils over the years. At the time I thought it was great that my ...and suffer water retention in hands, ...I've had for years and brain f... "

" i had really mild water retention with phera. So mild that ...were easily dealt with in pct. I did have a curious mental \"fogginess\" with phera. That took an uncomfortably long time to... "

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