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Brain Fog

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(Foggy feeling in head)
Cognitive dysfunction (or brain fog) is defined as unusually poor mental function, associated with confusion, forgetfulness and ...
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148,547 conversations around the web about Brain Fog to help you make a decision
148,547 conversations around the web about Brain Fog to help you make a decision
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Brain Fog & Ear Infection

0.1% of the posts that mention Brain Fog also mention Ear Infection (147 posts)
Brain Fog
Ear Infection
We found 147 discussions
" ...possible for you to get the ear infection. From my own knowledge, as ...on Doxy, I got a vaginal infection and the doctor ...sense? Or I am having brain fog? LOL!! Hope you feel bette... "

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" ...why I did it (or any recollection that I did ) . This ear infection saga has given me complete and utter brain fog and my head has been all over the place and nowhere near attached... "

" ...that clear when I posted earlier...brain fog! The best part of my day is just around the corner, my daughter has developed a double ear infection and a sore throat and I have to go... "

" ... The good thing is that my ear infection, fatigue, and brain fog have responded in the ... But I can feel swelling and inflammation around ...side. That's the side my goiter is largest. Wo... "

" ...past three days I have been more fatigued than ever. I ...wake up! I have brain fog, buzzing in my head, reoccurring ear infections and headaches. While I ...NO energy and my arthritis is ... "

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" ...seem to have insomnia. I can't ...just be slightly foggy brained instead of completely ...are able to get past the ear infections. It is sooooo hard to have a little one that is sick. Good lu... "

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" ...week ago I had a horrible ear infection. There was drainage, and my gland all around my ear were swollen. I was also vomiting. I am in ...a week but I was totally foggy headed. Plus, I wouldn't ... "

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" ...? Any dizziness history? Can cause balance issues. Inner ear infections can cause balance issues. Sometimes very high level or ...time. Hence we can feel foggy headed sometimes. Once the bloo... "

" ...of bed, extremely tired, brain fog (sound like paxil flu ...for tinnitus and dizziness. He gave me a script for stelazine. I took one or ...horrified. My friend had an ear infection and h... "

" ...I have recently been diagnosed with a \"Fungal Ear Infection\" due to prolonged ...I've been having recurring ear infections of which I ...5 months I've have the most terrible brain fog of wh... "

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