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(Lice infestation)
Pediculosis is an infestation of lice &mdash blood-feeding parasite insects of the order Phthiraptera. The condition can occur in alm...
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Common Lice treatments discussed around the web
Lice Shampoo 854 Lice Treatment 650 Permethrin 335
72,303 conversations around the web about Lice to help you make a decision
72,303 conversations around the web about Lice to help you make a decision
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Brain Damage & Lice

We found 22 discussions
" ...friends kids got lice and she shaved the little ones head not fun. We all got it that time...I was picking eggs out of my hair my other friend kept washing her hair with the lice shampoo she said ... "

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" ...told us that shampoos like Nix and Rid that kill lice can also cause brain damage. So we stopped using ...something that knocks the lice unconscious - than you use a good lice comb and get them... "

" ...and it works wonderfully! kills lice and keeps you from getting lice! take teaspoon or about of the side of the lice shampoo bottle! its poison and can cause brain damage!! by the way a ... "

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" ...the base. That is where lice like to hide. It actually ...They stick. If you google lice, you will find a ton ...we dealt with lice...BAD lice...several years ago with my dd.... "

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" ...from the book head \"from lice trouble dead lice.\" Except I used rid ...we didn't die or get brain damage) and I haven't seen lice in years! I can't ...know if we ever see lice again this wi... "

" ...- my kids constantly had head lice when they were younger. ...or it gives the kid brain damage (talk about some serious stuff). ...with that crap for years - failing lice checks at school, be... "

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" (almost) funny story about oldest was in daycare and ...notice that there was a lice the time she was 4 ...that the baby would get lice and what would happen... "

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" sure it wasn't the \"ice lice\"? I think you probably just overdid it on the gear and have some form of psychosis or brain damage and there's another cause for where the skin on... "

" ...HPV (Warts), Herpies, and Genital Lice from close contact or even ...its the most destructive after HIV, and can cause brain damage, blindness, and eventually it can kill you. This does... "

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" ...He said he had to itch his nose. That's ...close to this is Lice medicine-- and I wouldnt ...cysts in the brain---which causes brain damage, convulsions, etc. This Dimitri probably... "

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